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Berlin: 190 museum challenge.

Updated: May 31, 2020

I'm passionate about Berlin. Everything about it. I love its music, art, culture, sub-culture, architecture, history, nightlife, restaurants, style, lakes, parks and people-Berliner Schnauze and all!

I moved to Berlin to pursue my career as an opera singer and after working many different brotberuf jobs (aka: side hustle work to pay the bills) I stumbled upon tour guiding which combined my love of history, performing, meeting new people, being outdoors and continuous learning. I loved it so much that even after finding steady work in the opera world I have continued to give both bike and walking tours because it makes my soul happy.

And then.....Corona struck. Since I work in the theatre world, which will remain closed until earliest August and in the tourism world which is also indefinitely on hiatus, I now have a lot more time on my hands.

Life is starting to reopen here in Berlin and this week some of the museums opened up. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to get out of the house and while looking at which ones were open I had the great idea that right now would be a perfect time to go to as many as possible and blog about each one. I'm often asked by tourists which museums would I recommend, and although I have been to quite a few in Berlin already, working in the tourism industry means that I don't have time to go to as many as I would like.....until now.

A few years back I backpacked through China and when asked later on what were my favourite places and things, I found that the degree to how much I appreciated a place ultimately depended on how many other tourists were there and how long I had to wait. So, what better opportunity to experience Berlin's museums than without all the crowds! Of course, this will not give an accurate account of timing and planning for readers but it will give you my unbiased opinion of the museum and amenities because I won't be bogged down with all the stress of throngs of people and long lines. states that Berlin has over 170 museums and Berlin museum portal lists 190 of them with various search criteria allowing the visitor to pick museums based on themes, or those free of change and many other options. Of those 190 there are 62 museums which are free of charge! A backpackers or budget traveller's dream!

Furthermore, there is a year pass for the state-owned museums for as low as €25 a year for basic time-restricted entry all the way up to €100 a year for unlimited access to permanent and temporary exhibitions at 19 major Berlin museums.

In addition Berlin has 30 beautiful palaces in Potsdam and Berlin which are included in the Palace and Garden yearly pass with unlimited access from €40-60 a year but many are only open from May-Oct.

So over 110 of Berlin's museums are accessible for a total of €85! Pretty good deal I think.

It's my goal to go to all 190 museums and let you all know if it's a yay or a nay and why. As I've already been to quite a few museums in Berlin, there will be a few that I will write about from past experiences, as I just don't feel the justification in paying again...

I hope you enjoy my little adventure and please feel free to comment or ask questions.


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